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St. Thomas Aquinas Summer Camp welcomes you to our web site.  The summer camp is intended for boys and girls who are traditional Catholics seeking to be at a summer camp with like-minded Catholics. 

The summer camp is imbued with the spirit of our Holy Religion and has strong emphasis on sports, fun, and recreation; not to mention an even greater emphasis on spiritual matters regarding the Faith.

The priests, Fr. William Jenkins and Fr. Joseph Greenwell, from Immaculate Conception Church in Norwood, OH, run the summer camp.  The counselors, seminarians, Sisters, staff members, and other volunteers provide a healthy Catholic atmosphere at St. Thomas Aquinas Summer Camp.

"The Saint Thomas Aquinas Summer Camp is centered around religion and sports. Sports, properly directed, develops character, makes a man courageous, a loser generous, and a victor gracious. With these ideals, sports help to glorify God. Sports can never be an end in itself, but must help boys and girls to save their souls. Softness is dispelled and manly virtues are instilled in youth by sports."

"There is a tremendous amount of good done at Camp each year by the counselors, staff, sisters, and priests. I never had Camp as a child, but I want to see no child deprived of this privilege, of this chance to have fun, of the opportunity to be fortified in the Catholic Faith."  Fr. Joseph Greenwell
St. Thomas Aquinas

Our Patron Saint for the Summer Camp

"O God, who dost enlighten Thy Church with the wonderful learning of blessed Thomas, Thy Confessor, and dost render it fruitful by his holy works, grant us, we beseech Thee, both to understand that which he taught, and to follow his example in what he practiced." Collect of Mass.