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Below is some informaiton on what to bring and not bring to St. Thomas Aqunas Summer Camp.

Items needed for girls:

Sleeping bag and foam mat • flashlight, spare batteries • two dresses, or two blouses and skirts, and shoes for Mass and Devotions • one week supply of play clothes: culottes (not shorts), shoes, handkerchiefs, underclothes, cap (very important), tennis shoes, bathing suit, sweater, waterproof windbreaker • sleeping clothes • toiletries, sunscreen lotion, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant (unscented recommended), insect repellent, comb • two bath towels and face cloths • slippers for shower • rosary, missal, scapular, and chapel veil

Items recommended:

Hatchet in sheath (only for campers ages 14 and older) • softball glove • fishing equipment (no exposed hooks)

Items forbidden:

Drugs • alcoholic beverages • tobacco • weapons • pets • pocketknives • matches • lighters • radios • tapes • headsets • magazines • walkie talkies

If you would like to sponsor a camper, or if you would like a free brochure and application form, please write or call:

2310 Robertson Avenue
Norwood, Ohio 45212
(513) 731-8771
St. Thomas Aquinas

Our Patron Saint for the Summer Camp

"O God, who dost enlighten Thy Church with the wonderful learning of blessed Thomas, Thy Confessor, and dost render it fruitful by his holy works, grant us, we beseech Thee, both to understand that which he taught, and to follow his example in what he practiced." Collect of Mass.